As if there isn’t enough to worry about in this post-COVID world, cyber threats are on the rise.  How do you keep yourself and your company safe?

It’s fairly reasonable to assume that you, or someone you know, has had an unwanted visitor pop into a virtual conference. Some of these nefarious characters are just there to cause havoc, while others are there to steal information.  How do you keep your virtual conferences secure?  We have a few quick tips to help you out. 

1. Set a Password

 This seems simple enough, right? But don’t stop there.  Make sure that you only share the password with trusted invitees of your meeting and never share it over social media. 

2. Create a Waiting Room

A waiting room allows you to approve each individual into the meeting.  

3. Assign a Host

Assign a Host that is not the main presenter of the meeting.  The Host will be in charge of the administration of the meeting, such as the waiting room and file management throughout the meeting. 

4. Limit File Sharing

Do not share files through the chat feature of the conference program.  Have attendees send files through the assigned host’s email. 

5. Avoid Recordings

Only allow recordings by the host and set an alert to let you know if someone else has started a recording. 

6. Buy a License

Buying the license to conferencing programs gives you more control over security and allows you to set security controls for all employees so you can rest assured security guidelines are met.

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