It’s that time of year again. Time to make New Year’s resolutions and more than likely break them before January is up. But this year can be different! If one of your goals for the New Year is to get organized, there are now endless ways to stay on track. 

The available mobile apps out there these days are amazing. They can do everything from track your daily expenses to help you with your shopping list. Why not take advantage of all the help you can get? 


When you’re working to keep your finances in order this year, try Expensify. Designed to track expenses and aid businesses in keeping reimbursements in order this app is super functional. Great for small organizations, large corporations, or even individual users. 

There is a free version or a paid option, both being very useful. Designed to automate expense tracking whenever possible. Featuring GPS mileage capture and automated reimbursements. The corporate version is highly customizable and is well suited for more complex reporting and accounting requirements.

Cozi Family 

Trying to keep your family’s schedule in order, but struggling to wrangle the chaos that is the family calendar? Cozi Family can help with that. This app does everything from syncing with your Outlook or Google calendar to helping you keep track of the grocery list. 

When you set up the account the primary user can set permissions for other administrators to edit and make changes, allowing the whole family to contribute and stay up to date on changes to the schedule. Each family member gets their own color, making it easy to see who’s doing what at a glance. 

With added bonus features like a to-do list and meal planning guides based on your shopping list, Cozi Family can really help you get more out of family time.


Have you resolved to keep your room clean or finally start changing the air filter on a regular basis? Recommended by domestic goddess extraordinaire, Tody’s prioritizes cleaning tasks by need. You can also set reminders and do dates for weekly, seasonal, and yearly tasks.  Are you motivated by competition? Adulting doesn’t need to be boring! Make it a game by synching with other household members across multiple iOS devices.


Brain starting to get a little fried trying to remember every little thing you need to do and keep track of? Evernote to the rescue! It is one of the largest, easiest to use, and most functional note-taking apps out there. Having all of your notes synced across each of your mobile devices and featuring a browser version as well, this tool is very handy. 

With their latest update, Evernote has improved the search function to be super fast and increased capacity for larger notebooks. The Premium version is fairly cost-effective and they even offer a fifty percent discount for students. 

So if you find yourself in a sea of post-it notes scrambling to find that address you jotted down a month ago, ditch that disorganized mess and download Evernote. 

Start the New Year right

We know that keeping every little thing in your life straight can be challenging, at best. With work, family, chores, and everything else it will make your life so much easier to download just a handful of apps and let them do the work for you. 

Instead of dreading the New Year’s resolution rollercoaster, set yourself up for success to have your best year yet!