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Connectivity issues, network disruptions, software updates…they happen from time to time and might just be on your list of action items at the moment. Looking for relief? An IT Service Provider can help in quickly responding and resolving your computer and network issues, leaving you more time to deal with the more important business in your work day. 

There are many benefits to hiring an IT Service Provider, but the biggest benefit of all may be the time saved for you and your employees thanks to the expertise and upkeep from a company with experience that fits your needs. We know that your time is precious. Let us help you become even more productive! 

Wondering how to select an IT Service Provider? Here are a few helpful tips. 

Local provider= faster services

Finding someone who is local to you means that they can get to your office or home in little time when bigger issues arise. Having them a few miles away rather than hundreds is crucial in urgent situations. 

Expertise…See what they know about your industry

It’s okay to ask what a certain IT Service Provider has knowledge about. The more informed a Service Provider is about your company, the quicker they can resolve errors and issues when they come up. 

Read into references

Nowadays, you can find reviews on just about anything! IT Service is no exception. A quick Google or Yelp search can tell you all that you need to know about the Provider you’re looking into. (Hint: RCI has 100% 5 star ratings on both Google and Yelp)

Ask about certifications

Many IT Service Providers have extra qualifications and certifications. Asking about these certifications may give you an idea of anything extra the Provider can help you with, in addition to the standard Internet+network malfunctions and cybersecurity.

See what proactive steps the IT provider takes

What are they advocates for? General information about an IT Service Provider and their mission/values will give you a better understanding of what they focus in on most. 

Look for experience managing remote work
Since we are in a pandemic, it’s important that your IT Service Provider is able to manage remote networks since many companies have their employees working from home. This sort of IT work seems more specialized, but is very important for today’s world. 

Don’t allow the technology you rely on to slow your business down. RCI offers maintenance, consulting, and 24/7 emergency support services, all backed by our 100% 5-Star rating on Yelp!

We make technology work for you. Contact us today to learn more!