Although many of us love the simplicity of yesterday, we cannot deny the fact that technology and its advancements are quickly taking over every industry. Technology not only increases the productivity of an organization but it also reduces costs. 

To become the legal firm of the future, law firms have actively started showing interest in outsourcing their IT operations. Small business outsourcing stats show that 37% of all accounting and IT tasks get outsourced. 

When you outsource your IT work to  Regala Consulting, you transfer many time-consuming tasks. We take care of all your needs like updating your systems regularly, keeping your data secure, ensuring that you & your employees can carry out maximum work with ease and focus on more productive tasks. 

Here are the four primary ways in which law firms are leveraging the benefits of outsourcing their IT to Regala Consulting:

1. Access to External Talent

When you hire an IT employee for your firm, you are hiring someone having experience in solving general issues. But, by outsourcing the same to our full service IT organization , you are making sure that you get the expertise of our entire team of specialists that can handle all your needs.

It means that for every problem, there will be a dedicated expert to solve the problem. It allows you more time to focus on your cases and clients instead of IT issues.

2. Ensure Best Practices Are in Place

Law firms handle a lot of sensitive information and it is your responsibility to keep your clients’ data safe. Securing data and keeping it safe from cybercriminals is definitely a complex process. Regala Consulting works with you to makes sure that your sensitive data gets world-class protection from intruders and that your systems are upgraded promptly, making them safer.

3. Business Continuity

When you have an upcoming hearing, trial, deposition or deadline, you can’t wait around for IT support. Regala Consulting is available for 24/7 mission critical support  365 days a year to ensure business continuity in your practice. 

4. Predictable Costs

No one likes to spend an unpredictable cost in a state of emergency, especially when it can halt your business or any important tasks for a long duration. Regala Consulting offers retainer packages to provide you with ongoing support at a consistent rate. 

When you run a law firm, you should be able to focus on dealing with providing legal services to your clients, not dealing with IT problems. Whether you’re a small firm with 2 employees or a larger firm with dozens of attorneys, we have plans to fit your work flow, requirements, and budget.  Give us a call today and see why others trust RCI with their business!